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January 13, 2016 / olneypost

Most of Olney and Logan’s schools need reinforcement, based on new report

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Young Philadelphians have their schools ranked by the School District. Photo courtesy of

The Philadelphia School District released its progress report of its public and mostly all of its charter schools. Most of the schools in Olney and Logan weren’t improving to the School District’s standards and needed reinforcement to progress.

The report uses PSSA and Keystone Exam scores, college enrollment, suspension data, teacher absences and parents’ and students’ reviews for its assessment. Schools were ranked against all city schools and into “peer groups” that are based on schools with similar student demographics (grade years, income, ethnicity, English-learners and special-education courses).

Click below to read where the School District ranks Olney and Logan’s elementary, middle and high schools

Elementary schools


Lowell Elementary fell under the report’s “Watch” performance category, dropping 7 percent from the last 2013-2014 report. The report noted and wanted to reinforce the school’s progress of improving the PSSA math scores of the lowest-performing students by 0.50 percent.

Birney Elementary, the Renaissance charter in Logan, dropped 22 percent in its overall score and was ranked second-from-the-bottom out of 140 city schools.

Cooke, which was recently handed over to the Great Oaks Foundation and made a charter, dropped 4 percent in its overall test, climate and progress ranking since last year. Unsurprisingly, they fell under the intervene track.


Middle schools

Grover Washington Jr. school’s 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders’ overall scores, progress, achievement and learning climate fell 8 percent, but standardized assessments rose 7 percent from last school year.

Olney Middle School sank 10 percent from last year’s overall score, but its standardized assessment test scores rose 3 percent.

Thurgood Marshall fell 14 percent in its achievements on the PSSA, Keystone and reading

The School District Building

The School District handed out data and rankings of schools. Out of 11 schools in Logan and Olney, 5 were listed as needing intervention. Photo courtesy of

assessment. The average growth in a Marshall student’s PSSA math and English score rose to a little over 4 and 1points respectively. The average math score of the lowest-performing students even increased by 1.65 points. However, PSSA English scores for the lowest-performing 20 percent fell nearly a point from last school year.

Morrison Middle School dropped 8 percentage points and fell into the “intervene” tier of the School District’s report. Nearly all of Morrison’s academic progressions were not to the School District’s expectations, except for the average growth in PSSA math scores that rose nearly 5 points.


High schools

Central High School earned the “model” distinction in the School District’s report. It is the top-ranked high school after increasing its overall score by five percent. The special-admission high school increased its standardized and state test scores by 8 percent. The Keystone Exam’s biology scores were the only negatives listed for the school, with scores declining since last school year.

Aspria’s Olney High School dipped in its overall ranking and PSSA, Keystone Exams and reading assessment achievement dropping to zero percent from 2013-2014. Less than 20 percent of Keystone Exam takers in math, literature or biology passed on their first time. However, Olney’s lowest-performing students gained in their average scores.

Interestingly, Olney’s college preparedness and career readiness remained stagnant at 5 percent.

Delaware Valley Charter (DVC) Charter School was ranked 72nd out of 82 schools for overall performance. DVC’s students had a high reported college enrollment in the first fall semester after graduating from high school

Philadelphia’s only all-girl school Girls High was ranked 18th out of Philadelphia’s high schools. Nearly 90 percent of the young women at Girls High passed the literature Keystone Exam on their first try.


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